About Heaven Bands

My father Rathna munsinghe and his family members started our business in 1980. We have a history of 35 years. As Munasinghe Brothers we started this in a very small scale.

There was only one worker when we started and she made 22 friendship bands a day. Today we have strength of 80 workers. We started this as a retail outlet and now business has expanded as a wholesale outlet. We have been exporting for the last 30 years. In addition to this we export EARRINGS, SPECTACALE WIRE, ANKLETS etc.

These items are manufactured in the homes of our workers. We give them the necessary training for this job. We give them various designs to make. Each products of ours is handmade using SILK thread. We are one of the best designers in the world for this costume jewelry. You can see that in our products.

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